Who's YOUR Hattie?

Will you answer the question: 

Who’s your Hattie?

Live Fully All the Way to the End


In my book I tell how I was able to save my mother from a protracted dying process. The hospital social worker told me then, in 1990, “everybody needs a Hattie.”

The legacy players in healthcare today will just do what they do which most often is not what you might want. You must name a strong person who will speak for you when you become frail or seriously ill.


Choose your Hattie, provide that person with detailed instructions then and only then will you get the kind of care you want.

On the last page of the book we suggest that  readers make copies of what they write in the workbook and share those copies with their chosen proxy, spouse, significant other, doctors, children, siblings, friends, neighbors and any person in their circle who could argue with their proxy over their wishes. 


Here are key pages in pdf format to make sharing key instructions easy.

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